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Tea Reviews!

Drink some tea today!

Tea Reviews
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Reviews of tea and tea-related products
This is a place to review different kinds of teas and tea-related items, with a specific focus on the teas produced by e-tailers and smaller venues.

No adult-themed material please.

When reviewing a tea, please tag the entry with the name of the tea company/brand and the type of tea.

This is not a place for self-promotion, so if you own or work for a tea company, please do not post reviews for your own teas. This is considered shilling and violaters of this rule will be banned.

Please keep all posts on topic. While I understand that sometimes tea-related conversation comes out of reviews, please restrict them to the comments. Please do not make any non-review posts. There are other communities for general tea chit-chat!

Also, please try to keep all reviews civil. No bashing of tea proprietors and the people involved in the tea's creation process.