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White Tea

Which purveyor markets an exception, unflavoured White Tea?
Any help is appreciated!


white tea

I buy Touch Organic white tea at the grocery store. They have a website: www.touchorganic.com
I love it. Apparently white tea is a detoxifier. :)

Re: white tea

Interesting....and a Organic Market in town DOES sell Touch. I'll try a box and let you know shortly...
I like many of the White Teas from Adagio Teas. They're fantastic. And, you can buy sample tins which make about 10 cups of tea, before buying a whole bunch.

I just saw the page for White teas @ Adagio.
Oh, my!
Out of curiosity, which of the varietals do you prefer?
All of them are great, but my favorite is Silver Needle, followed by White Symphony. Though, I'm excited for when their Song Yang becomes available.

Out of the many tea companies I've purchased from, Adagio is the top among reliability in terms of both product quality and consistency, and customer service.
Silver needle you say? LOL, one of my favorite teas in Sliver Tip Oolong. Sold! Once I get my shippment and taste, I'll let you know!
I am partial to Upton tea. Also, a resource that you might find useful; I run a tea-rating website and even if you don't use it to write reviews, it has a database of teas, and it separates unflavored white teas from flavored ones:

Furthermore, the white teas are broken up into sub-categories, i.e. Shou Mei, Pai Mu Tan, etc. The site is currently very young and only has about 850 teas as of me writing this, but it already lists 16 unflavored. Hopefully if you come back in about a month, this list will be much more comprehensive; the site hasn't even been up a month and is growing rapidly.

If you look at the lists, even though they are only beginning, you can already see a pattern that the brands focusing on teabag teas widely available in supermarkets (Celestial Seasonings, Stash, etc.) tend to sell mostly flavored white teas, whereas the mail-order loose tea companies (Rishi, Upton, Adagio, etc.) tend to carry more of the unflavored white teas.

I am a big fan of the unflavored white teas myself--I think often, companies use flavoring to mask low-quality white tea...the companies selling the unflavored tea usually (not always) use higher-quality stuff. Enjoy!

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