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Mar. 24th, 2009

Snowgoose fly high


Adagio White Peony Tea

In December, I asked for assitance in finding a purveyor of White Tea. I was very pleased that hottopic put me on to Adagio's White teas.

Tonight, I received the White Peoney Tea. I was truely amazed, the liquor was perfecd, the taste was gently sweet. The aroma was a bit woody for me, but everthing else was wonderful.
You must try this tea.

Dec. 23rd, 2008

Snowgoose fly high


White Tea

Which purveyor markets an exception, unflavoured White Tea?
Any help is appreciated!

Mar. 30th, 2008



(no subject)

I recently ordered some teas from the Portsmouth Tea Company (www.portsmouthtea.com).  Since this is a lesser known tea company, I thought it might be worth posting a few reviews.
Caramel oolong - I discovered this tea last summer. The internet café in my hometown in Maine served a selection of Portsmouth teas, including Caramel Oolong, New England Blueberry Muffin, and Earl Grey Le Crème. Early in the summer I tried each flavor, but within a week the caramel oolong had become my staple for daily drinking. The caramel flavor blends very well with the oolong tea, to create a rich and satisfying taste. I like this tea best with honey and a splash of milk. I like to drink this tea in the early evening when I need an energy boost, but don’t want to be kept up all night by an excessive amount of caffeine. 
Coconut Rooibos Chai - This tea is beautiful to look at even before its brewed. It’s a very colorful tea mixture! It strikes me that chai made with rooibos has a stronger natural sweetness than chai made with black tea. The coconut flavor isn’t especially strong, but the tea tastes and smells wonderful. This is the spiciest tasting chai tea that I’ve tried, which is something I really appreciate, as I love spicy flavors.
Almond Truffles - I wish I could say that I like this tea, but I really don’t. This tea is full of almond pieces, and the first thing that I did upon opening the tin was taste one of the almond pieces (yes, I’m well aware that eating bits of raw tea is a bit silly). The almond had a strange, sour, chemical taste. When I brewed the tea it had an after taste that reminded me of sour milk. 
New England Blueberry Muffin - The after taste of this tea really is very muffin like! However, I found it too sour for my taste. Even without sugar this tea is almost chokingly sweet. I don’t think that this is really a bad tea, but it isn’t one that I enjoy. 
I also have to say that I like the way that the Portsmouth Tea Company website is set up. The site has pictures of each of the teas both before and after brewing, and it has many different ways that you can search for new teas. The prices of the teas are a little high, but I’m very pleased with the overall quality of the teas I’ve purchased from the site.

Mar. 24th, 2008



Calling All Tea Lovers: Tea Swap

I stumbled across this site and thought this was a fantastic idea. I've already gotten my swappee and can't wait to make up the sample packet.

Get in on the action before it's too late!


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Feb. 26th, 2008

Happy Coffee by supinternets


Blue Raven's Covered Bridge

This review is for Blue Raven's Covered Bridge.

My first impression was that the "tea" looks like trail mix or something you can munch on, and smells like a snickerdoodle. Really, it smells like a delicious cookie!

The taste is not as strong as the smell, and is more of a subdued cinnamon. I kinda wish that this tea tasted more like a liquid cookie, but it's probably for the best that it doesn't ;P Great for curbing those cookie cravings for those of us who are trying to eat healthier!

All in all, I'm going to give it a 4/5. I may buy it again, if I need my cookie fix without the calories.

Feb. 23rd, 2008




Reviews... and raves! I must rave about one of the The Republic of Tea's be well blends: "Get A Grip" . It's a PMS/Menopause formulation with a Rooibos leaf. For some reason I cannot post the link to the site, so if you're curious, pursue it via copy/paste from this:

This tea is very mild and has an extremely delicate but soothing flavor, characteristic of Rooibos. These are the  tasting notes as described on the website: Rich, amber rooibos with hints of chicory and licorice meet honey and coconut for a satisfying balance of flavors.

But the most important reason to rave about this tea is its effectiveness in balancing hormones. Chaste tree is in the mix, which is renowned for hormonal harmony. Parsley, Birch, and Black Cohosh are present for things like water retention and other PMS "annoyances".

I have managed severe PMS since menarche. Really severe. And since I have found this tea, my life has been different. No moodiness, minimal to no retention issues, and the other symptoms are either drastically reduced or dissolved all together! Cramps happen, but they no linger put my in fetal on the floor. yay!
I usually drink 2-3 cups per day about 10 days prior to my next cycle. In fact, sometimes I just open the container and take a whiff and my senses let me know when to drink it. There is a craving that happens!
If it tempts your curiosity at all, it is a must try.

Feb. 19th, 2008

Happy Coffee by supinternets


SBS Teas Wild Cherry

SBS Teas Wild Cherry tea was a favorite of mine over the summer. When I got to school, I put it in my tea box and forgot about it, until now.

First off, the smell alone gets a 5/5 from me. Maybe a 6. It smells AMAZING, tart yet sweet and not at all medicinally.

While, to me, the taste could not possibly live up to its amazing smell, it is a pretty good cherry tea. I need to add a good amount of sugar to it to get it sweet enough (maybe because I started drinking it with sugar when I first tried it). At that point, it's really good, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a nice cherry flavored tea.

Official rating: 4/5, will probably purchase when I run out.

As a side note, I am glad to see so many members! Now we just need to start posting. Come on guys, review some teas!
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(no subject)

I just stumbled over Culinary Teas, and it looks really interesting. I keep looking at the flavored teas, which is weird since that usually isn't my thing, but they have the coolest flavors, like 'cardamom' and 'ice wine.'

Have any of you ordered from there? Was the tea good? The service?

Feb. 17th, 2008

Happy Coffee by supinternets


Blue Raven's Enchanted Forest

This review is for: Blue Raven Tea's Enchanted Forest flavored green tea.

The tea starts off with a delicious sweet-but-green smell. I looove the smell. The tea itself brews to a lovely light green color. It is a smooth, non-vegetal green with a slightly coconut/something else undertone. It is neither too sweet, nor too bitter, and satisfies my urge for a green tea with a little somehting else to it. I only wish that the flavoring was a bit stronger, but for those who prefer milder tastes, you should try this.

Verdict: 4.5/5. I will most likely buy more after I run out!
Happy Coffee by supinternets


Adagio's Peach Oolong

Adagio's Peach Oolong gets the honor of being the first tea reviewed!

I really like oolong teas, and Adagio's Peach Oolong does not disappoint me. In my opinion, it is better quality than regular Chinese restaurant oolongs, with a delicious peachy flavor to boot! The peach and the oolong complement each other very well; neither flavor overwhelms the other. The tea is very smooth and not at all bitter.

My rating: 5/5. I definitely am going to buy more when this tea runs out!
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